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E. J. Pace
Pictures That Talk, series one (1929)


Otterbein Aegis (1901-05)
Naimbag a' Damag (1907-10)
Our Foreign Missionary Enterprise (1908)
The History of the Woman's Missionary Association of the United Brethren in Christ (1910)
The Watchword (1906-17)
The Religious Telescope (1911-17)
Six Decades: 1855-1915, the Annual Report of the U.B. Foreign Missionary Society (1914-15)
1915 Yearbook of the United Brethren in Christ
The Sunday School Times (1916-44)
Moody Monthly (1917-31)
The Victorious Life (1918)
The Law of the Octave in the World and in the Word (1922)
Christian Cartoons (1922)
Settling the Big Question (1923)
Seven Questions in Dispute (1924)
Pictures That Talk, series one (1929)
Pictures That Talk, series two (1929)
Life Begins At...? (1936)
From Death Unto Life (1943)
The Higher Way: How to be Filled With the Spirit (1946)

















Jesus said: "I am the vine, ye are the branches." As a branch of the old Adamic stock, I "brought forth wild grapes." As a partaker of Christ, I have been grafted into Him.  When I believe into Christ crucified, I was cut off, cut away from my former natural connections, and grafted into Christ, the living Vine.  E. J. Pace said, "Some time ago near my home in Florida I had occasion to visit a citrus nursery, and I asked the man in charge to show me how he grafted fruit.  He led me to the grove of young trees.  He then carefully cut from a little sapling a very small twig with a swelling bud at the end of it, and proceeding to another tree nearby he deliberately cut in the back of it a cross, and where the tree was expressly cut to receive it he deftly inserted the scion." 

A friend once asked Dr. E. J. Pace whether he believed in a personal devil.  The doctor replied with emphasis, "No."  The friend's only answer was a lifting of the eyebrows as though wondering at his heterodoxy.  The Dr. Pace proceeded to clear himself, saying, "I most certainly believe that there is a personal devil, but far be it from me to believe in him, for he is a liar and the father of lies, as Jesus said."